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  1. Nyree Griffiths says:

    October 17th, 2011at 3:01 pm(#)

    You guys ROCK! Long live Sound It Out and EVERY independent music shop of the world! MUCH love 🙂 x

    p.s. I want to host a screening event of the film……will have to okay it with me mates at AMBER (SIDE Cinema/SIDE Gallery/Newcastle upon Tyne) – perhaps they were planning one anyway (with the help of Hal Branson? If so, then I’ll sort out another venue in addition perhaps….The Lantern Cafe (holds 100 and I get free use of it, because I helped them launch themselves and because they’re now mates too :)). Or maybe just fully support the SIDE screening, if there IS one planned.

    One way or another, I’ll get back to you on that one! It was just a pure unadulterated pleasure to watch the film at The Tyneside Cinema, listen to the post-film Q&A and meet folks/boogie a bittie, at t’Star & Shadow Cinema. TOP night!

    Nyree x

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