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006. Jan-Paul Bednarz

February 9th, 2011  |  Published in Backers


I’m a fan of microcosm films… ordinary situations which tell us more about the human condition, and am particularly interested in individuals who are passionate about ‘something’ – could be topiary for all I care. Additionally, although progressive in opinion when it comes to societal shifts, I think there’s a place for the preservation of certain cultural treasures, and we all (ok… those of a certain age) have experiences of the record shop.

The first and last record I bought:
First: I am proud to say my first record was Adam & the Ants: Prince Charming (it could have been so much worse).
Last: I am not proud to admit that I haven’t bought a piece of vinyl in over 20 years.
I am prepared to be convinced to make this my new hobby – please send equipment suggestions for a digital dunce.

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Glimmer Films in association with Sideshow present a film by Jeanie Finlay; SOUND IT OUT.

Over the last five years an independent record shop has closed in the UK every three days.

SOUND IT OUT is a documentary portrait of the very last surviving vinyl record shop in Teesside, North East England.

A cultural haven in one of the most deprived areas in the UK, SOUND IT OUT documents a place that is thriving against the odds and the local community that keeps it alive. Directed by Jeanie Finlay who grew up three miles from the shop.

A distinctive, funny and intimate film about men, the North and the irreplaceable role music plays in our lives.

High Fidelity with a Northern Accent.